The Murderer, The Moron And The Mutineer

Vishal Dadlani recently tweeted, ‘Stuck between a moron and a murderer…what now, India!?’. This was infamously retweeted by Arvind Kejriwal. Now, Mr. Dadlani is hardly the go-to guy when it comes to matters of national importance but his tweet does bring forth the stark reality and denudes it for all to see.

It is the simple truth.

None of the contenders for the throne of the prime minister of India- officiated or projected or deluded- can be said to truly deserve the scepter.

The Rightists have their leader. And he has risen through the minds of the highly gullible Indians with his charisma alone. Mr. Narendra Modi is a great leader. Soaring speeches, thunderous applause, a herd of sheep that can rival the likes of Jesus Christ. However, ‘Feku Man’ has so far failed to put forward a single solid agenda that he can build his campaign on. Milking religion will only get him a throng of people shouting his name, but it won’t make him responsible enough to be given the biggest office in the country. Of course, there is always Gujarat. Of course, it has developed. It wasn’t that hard since it was completely razed to the ground once. He did build a completely new Gujarat with corpses in its foundations and watered it with blood. I shall not dwell on history. What’s done is done. What is to be realized is running a state is completely different from running a nation. Just because he completely turned around a state in three terms does not mean he can do the same with the country. Even if he can, it is the basic right of the common people to know how. The Rightists have their leader, sure, but they have no battle plan. And no army can win a war just because they have a good general.

The Centrists, on the other hand, may or may not have a battle plan- it does not really matter. They ride into battle but sans a general. They are bound to fall apart. Sure, they will choose a leader sooner or later, but it is already too late. The rifts among their men are conspicuously visible. One of their top choices for their leader has a reputation for being blissfully unaware of the country and everything else in general. He is nothing more than a laughing stock. There are rumors of his little, or even non-existent education. The suspiciously vague information on his Wikipedia page does not help at all (I won’t be bothered to research any further. Please feel free to enlighten me in the comments section). Unless the Centrists come up with someone who has more charisma than Modi, and preferably can work miracles, there is no chance that they can win which would mean our next Prime Minister will be a man that political psychologist Ashis Nandy once called a “textbook fascist”.

Unless, of course, the revolutionaries bring about another, way more surprising revolution than their last one. Arvind Kejriwal proved himself to be a force to reckon with and then quickly went ahead to implode. For the first time in the history of ever the Chief Minister of a state, the NCR no less, sat on the road protesting something that he could have comfortably done as the Chief Minister, you know. Old habits die hard I guess. I have talked, or rather just listened, to people who spewed and spat about how Arvind Kejriwal is the best man to run the nation because, you know, ‘Aam Aadmi’ and all. And all I could see were ‘dharnas’ and ‘anshans’ across the country.

Yes, Mr. Dadlani, I am confused. As would be anyone who bothers to sit down and think for a moment.

What now, India?

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  1. Shashank · January 29

    ‘Rahul Gandhi was a student of Trinity College and was awarded an M.Phil in Development Studies in 1995.’

    And Manas, please get over your fascination of using Modi and riots as synonym. There is no case or evidence or judicial proceeding against him in matter relating to Gujrat violence in any court of this country.